I hope everyone in Atlanta and Alabama is safe and warm today after this crazy week we have had!  Let’s start this Thursday off with another ‘local goods’ feature!!  Next up: Tori of Victoria Austin Designs in Fairhope!


Tori is one of my good friends from a u b u r n university! WAR EAGLE!  She also happens to be a super talented stationer and calligrapher!  Tori has always been interested in stationery and fun party details, but in 2011 she interned with Allie Fouse of Honey Bee Invites and knew this was her niche.  Tori spoke highly of Allie saying that she gave her creative freedom to help with more than simply social media; like creating and styling unique escort cards for Southern Weddings {which later got published on their blog and in their magazine..eek!}.

I asked Tori where her continual i n s p i r a t i o n comes from and this is what she told me,

“I pull inspiration from all over.  Flowers and nature help my vision the most.  When I have a design-block, it is usually because I am tired and need some sleep.  If I am struggling after that, walks outside and even window-shopping helps.  Sometimes I need to see and touch colors and textures that I haven’t before.  I have so many mentors and inspirations in the stationery world.  I really look up to the beautiful design work of Brown Linen Design and Signora e Mare.” 

Although Tori’s digital designs are so w o n d e r f u l, she loves to add hand lettering and calligraphy to her work, and hopes to one day design only with hand lettering and calligraphy. Tori believes hand lettering is the most unique and beautiful detail you could include in a suite or details.

In my opinion, paper goods complete a wedding day.  And the lovely work from Victoria Austin Designs definitely does not disappoint.  I asked Tori why she loves what she does and this was her response,

“I have always been a crafter and DIY-er so I really love being able to create tangible items for brides.  My favorite part of any project is picking it up from the printer and finally seeing my work off of the computer screen.  It never gets old.  I REALLY love having a small place in so many special days, all over the place.  I remember how easily I stressed over wedding details for my own wedding so I always try to make paper goods an easy and fun experience for brides as my stationer did.  One other thing that I love and have to mention is meeting other wedding vendors and stationery designers! I love collaborating with others on projects and meeting new people so that aspect is always fun!”

I have so enjoyed watching Tori grow as a designer and creative artist!  She is honest and pours her heart into each and every project.  Take a look at some of her b e a u t i f u l paper goods and designs.

Disclaimer ** elle affairs is not associated with the weddings below.

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Photo Credits:

1 – 4    | Jennifer Pharr Photography

5 – 6    | Callie Pitts of Nancy Ray Photography

7          | Kaitlin Briley of Simply Put Vintage

8 – 10   | Aubrey Marie Photography 

11 – 12 | Studio B Photography & Honey Bee Invites



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