Rebecca Hassee, owner and founder of P.E.W.S Purely Elegent Wedding Statements is our next lovely vendor on the ‘local goods’ series!  Y’all, this girl is the s w e e t e s t !  I cannot get over her passion for her amazing business.


Rebecca started P.E.W.S. on February 19, 2012!  They are preparing to celebrate their 2nd birthday! YAY!  I asked Rebecca to tell me a little about how P.E.W.S. got started,

“It all began with my desire to serve creatively. I knew nursing was too restricting/demanding/intimidating/intense for me to do day in and day out.  I knew that I wanted to be able to be innovative, help people, and to pursue beauty – so of course, I thought of the wedding industry!  Then I thought about doing vintage rentals.  I now know why no one has ever rented church pews before – they are beautiful but they are meant to be permanent and sturdy in one place for a long time. We have figured out how to transport them safely but it is never simple or easy! We started with two sets but then I realized I wanted brides to not only have church pews – but to have as many as they wanted.  I also wanted my brides to have options! We now have 5 and counting styles to seat over 700 guests!”

The vintage church pews come from all over the c o u n t r y !  Their farthest pews are named after their home state { New York } and they have Colonial pews that are from Kansas City!  The majority come from small churches across the south and are “well loved” and needing some work when they arrive at the Hassee doorstep.  Rebecca said this about the pew transformation process, “we love to see the transformation they go through. Whether it is taking off ugly upholstery, sanding, gluing, re-painting – it is so fun to see them all dolled up and glowing.”

Rebecca and her team are so in love with their growing business and it shows in each and every wedding they are a part of.  They love being able to think outside the box and offer something that no one else in the industry does.  The P.E.W.S. team puts their whole heart into each and every wedding day and they l o v e to “set the scene for a life changing commitment before God”.

I have so enjoyed getting to know Rebecca, her team, and her pews.  Check out some of these       l o v e l y  images of what precious brides have done with the pews.

Disclaimer ** elle affairs is not associated with the weddings below.

0126unpluggedphotography 0130unpluggedphotography 0694unpluggedphotography 0133unpluggedphotography AmandaBill_w_Love229 AmandaBill_w_Love234 AmandaBill_w_Love278 AmandaBill_w_Love274 AmandaBill_w_Love296Photo Credits:

Headshot | Stacy Richardson Photography

1 – 4        | Unplugged Photography

5 – 9      | The Reason Photography




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